Business Development and Incentives Procurement Print

BMG’s Business Development and Incentives Procurement Group is dedicated to ensuring our clients obtain the maximum benefit from economic development incentives available from public and private sources when investing in their business. Our clients range from small companies to large international corporations with interests in healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications and energy. Our success has provided our clients with a strategic means to achieve their business goals and has fostered governmental support and a deeper appreciation of their presence within their community.

We counsel our clients and provide them with a complete scope of business development services. We customize a development strategy based on each client’s imperatives, negotiate advantageous grant and incentive packages, complete and submit all necessary applications, and maintain program compliance for the duration of the award.
The grant, incentive, tax credit or reimbursement opportunities that we pursue from all levels of government generally fall within several broad categories:
  • Capital investment and job creation;
  • Renewable energy development and energy efficiency investment;
  • Workforce training assistance; and
  • Public-private joint investment partnerships
Our team is skilled in negotiating with funding sources and navigating through the nuances of the procurement process. When a client’s business expansion project does not fit clearly within the specifications of a desired grant or incentive program, our team examines the project to identify hidden funding potential and open opportunities not readily apparent. External funding secured by our team has made a difference in our clients’ investment decisions.